That one time we made a Mötley Crüe insipred music video for our friends hair metal band...

This music video was shot over two freezing cold February nights back in 2012 for Jettblack. If memory serves me correct the budget was around £1500 which was spent on the location and renting the prosthetics limbs. The rest was a labour of love from friends and fans of the band. I worked on it for free and we pulled in favours from all over the place.  

You may recognise ‘Lord Zoltan’, played by Leigh Gill who recently starred as Gary in the Joker movie.  This was his first ever acting gig and he used this to kick start his career. 

Jettblack ‘Raining Rock’  
Client: Spinefarm Records
Director: Fraser Byrne
Producer: Matt Oliver
DP: Jim Jollife