I was originally hired by Al Gore’s Current TV to overhaul and reversion an obscure TV series that showed potential, but in its original form was far too long, dull and square. 

We pitched to cut the episodes in half, totally rebrand, rescore and replace VO to create a strong ‘Ice Road Truckers’ type brand out of this obscure aqusition. 

The show turned into a big hit for Current TV and was later picked up and broadcast by Nat Geo.  We edit produced 5 x seasons of the series, over 30 x 24 min episodes which were broadcast in UK, US and Oz terrotiies. 

The show has since been uploaded to Youtube by fans and it has become a surprise online, cult hit. Most episodes have millions of views. 

Deadliest Journeys            
Client: Current TV, Nat Geo  
Edit producer: Fraser Byrne 
Motion Graphics: Bob Salzano
Commisioner: Lina Prestwood