This pet project, shot 10 years ago on a dated Canon 70D still has a soft spot for me as it has been quite pivotal in my aproach to filmmaking ever since.

In 2012 I found myself at a bit of a cross roads, life and career wise. I desperately wanted someone to pat me on the back and say; “it’s OK to take off on a massive trip on your motorcycle for months on end”.  At the time I felt guilty, like I would jeopardise my career or that it was a frivilous pursuit.  

I needed a push, so I reached out to Austin Vince who is a legendary motorcycle world traveler and big inspiration of mine to this day.  I asked if we could meet for a cup of tea under the guise of making this film.

This whole project was really self serving. I used it to gain access to Austin and to make the exact inspiration I needed to consume.

The film was picked up as a Vimeo Staff pick instantly, racked up 18k views in the first 24 hours and has since clocked over 400k views on Youtube and 117k on Vimeo. The comments are full of feedback from people who were moved by the film and used it as motivation for their own big adventure.  

It was a bit of a break through for me. I had such pure, intrinsic motivation to make it.  On release, I noticied how purely it connected and resonated with the viewers who now enjoy the same inspirational kick up the arse that I was seeking.

PETROL, FOOD, BEER           
Client: Make Your Bones
Director: Fraser Byrne
Editor: Fraser Byrne