One of my best mates and co creator Tyrone Bradley had been to Lagos on a photo assignment and came back with a thrilling set of stills of the Lagos BMX scene. 

When he shared his photos with with me I knew straight away we had to make a film on this scene. 

It took a while, but we finally made it back to Lagos and shot the film. On release it turned into a huge success for Red Bull (and us), racking up over 11+ million views and over 7k comments.

It has been accepted into numerous festivals including BANFF and has toured extensively with the Bicycle Film Festival. 

Our commissioner James Renwick said “It is possibly the best reaction I have ever seen to our content”. 

This story isn’t over and we are doing our utmost best to help get these dudes a skatepark and if the film Gods are a kind, there is a future feature length on the cards. 

BMX Nigeria           
Client: Red Bull Media House 
Director: Fraser Byrne 
Producer: Tyrone Bradley 
DP: Jimmy Reyolds  
Editor: Joey Spinoza
Photography: Tyrone Bradley