We first spotted Julian in an obscure Youtube clip that was circulating. He was about 14-15 years old and was doing a nohander over a sketchy looking dirt jump.

In my first film for Red Bull we tracked down this mysterious kid, Julian Molina. He’s an inspirational force from a small coffee town near Medellin, Colombia.

This film gave Julian the platform he deserved and put him on the map in the bike world. It has over 1.5M views across FB and Youtube.

Shortly aftwards he was invited to ride in the X-Games Real Street video series and has won gold medals two years in a row. He was recently awarded ‘Rider of the Year’ by Dig Magazine and is now a professional, sponsered athelete (Vans, GT Bikes) getting paid to ride and travel the world.   

He is living the dream, 
and he deserves every bit of it. 

The Inspirational Story of a One-Legged BMXer          
Client: Red Bull / This is Ours
Director: Fraser Byrne
Producer: Fred Murray
DP: Jimmy Reynolds 
Editor: Joey Spinoza